LVfly LV1 Audio Console Rack Front

Up to 64 stereo channels. Not a typo.

With BNY’s sleek and compact design, the LVfly travels with ease. Enclosed in a light weight flight case with an extending handle and wheels providing easy transportation that can be checked in as baggage. From churches and corporate events, to mixing front of house at large music festivals, the LVfly design is a revolutionary way to mix.

LVfly LV1 Rack


-Designed to fly. Literally - lightweight enough to be checked baggage on most domestic flights.

-Versatile enough to take it from a main stage production, to night club shows, small corporate conferences, or to large music festivals.

-Made for user ease - a single person can set up the hardware and boot up the computer in minutes.

-The LVfly is based off the Waves LV1 console. 

-Same capabilities as professional large scale console, but in a small compact version. 

-Custom Windows operating system that eliminates the unnecessary and allows for software to run quick and efficiently. 

Designed to leave you with a clean space to work, only 2 cables required to acquire power and data.



22 x 20.5 x 4 inches


9.5 x 14.25 x .75 inches


25.25 x 26 x 10.5 inches

Total Weight

50 lbs

On the Fly

The LVfly Case is simple. Just insert the laptop and follow with the rack.

Make it personal.

Custom LVfly LV1 Rack Options.png

The LVfly ecosystem is completely customizable.

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